This is a short welcome message to introduce you to my new website, It has one purpose—to be a place where I can share the history of Boston jazz and nightlife in the mid/late 20th century. It’s a new home for The Boston Jazz Chronicles.

This site replaces my online home for the past seven years, troystreet dot com. Why the change? Simply put, the publishing company idea never really took off, and it makes no sense to tie my jazz history project to it. That site was in need of a reboot anyway, so… now’s the time.

Most of the content has migrated to the new site, so it’s still about the blog and the books. Your blog subscription will continue as before. I hope you find the user experience to be better, and you won’t find any popups or clickbait. Just a little peace and quiet for your reading pleasure.

I have new posts coming on bassist Teddy Kotick, saxophonist and singer Fat Man Robinson, organist Phil Porter, and more, so do visit often, and please spread the word.

Finally, my thanks to the endlessly patient Deborah Perugi of Perugi Design for making it all happen.